In November 2014, I was given the approval to collect data for my dissertation. I immediately called Michele. Help! I need 250 completed surveys for my research. Michele was the most influential person for helping me get this done within the three months I was to complete. I will always be grateful for her support and encouragement.

As I worked with Michele, volunteers from Wag On Inn (WOI) Rescue, and the staff at the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA), I realized each person had a story to tell. I was too busy to capture this information, as I was collecting data for my research. After completing my doctorate program, I thought the time has come to begin capturing these personal stories, starting with Michele.

Wag On Inn Rescue

Michele is the treasurer of WOI Rescue. I asked Michele – How did you begin to work with homeless pets? Michele informed me – she had free time once her children were in school full-time. Michele did not ponder long what to do. She began volunteering at the MCSPCA, helping with a variety of needs for the rescue. The task Michele found most rewarding was walking the homeless dogs. She enjoyed helping the dogs bond with other humans, preparing them to meet their new pet parents. Michele turned her volunteer work into a family activity. Her children would join her on the weekends to help homeless pets.

A pet retailer introduced Michele to the leaders of WOI Rescue. Michele realized this nonprofit organization needed her help full-time. WOI Rescue operates by fostering only; therefore, the rescue needs to hold many adoption outreaches in several locations. If you visit an adoption outreach by WOI Rescue, I am certain you will see Michele. Most rewarding is watching her find the right pet parent for an adoptable dog or cat.

A simple act of kindness, volunteering at a local animal shelter, turned into a life-long journey of helping hundreds of homeless pets secure a forever home.

If you are looking to foster or help WOI Rescue, please visit the website.

The event page will list each upcoming outreach. Be certain to say hello to Michele!

Wag On Inn Rescue’s Michele