I had two yCandaceoung male Pomeranians when I was asked to become the primary caretaker of Candace, an 11-year-old Pomeranian. Her owner became seriously injured, permanently paralyzed. How could I say no?

I had concerns she was a senior dog. She was the first dog I owned past the age of two. I wondered how long I would have her to enjoy her company. I was concerned my boys were too active for an older dog. I pondered what were the medical needs for an older dog. I took her to my vet to be certain I had the information I needed to provide her a healthy, happy life.

Candace was a part of my family for 1 1/2 years. During this very short period of time, I learned Candace:

Candace the Diva

  • loved taking long morning walks
  • was a typical diva
  • did not mind wearing dresses and bows
  • enjoyed her the company of her brothers
  • loved pasta and carrots
  • adored my sister’s Bichon, Max
  • enjoyed watching my nephew play video games


The possibility of having medical issues to attend to was never an issue or concern. I enjoyed her company.

Candace was a wonderful dog! She became very sick with an aggressive-type cancer in her legs. She could no longer walk. I carried her everywhere like a newborn baby. I had to make the dreaded decision to put her to sleep. Her death was not easy for me. I wrote a few stories about my feelings regarding her loss, trying to justify my decision. She was the first dog I had to put to sleep. I am forever grateful the time we had together.

I thought it was interesting to learn, the time she was diagnosed with cancer, her original owner died. Sometimes I wondered if he wanted her back. I am certain he was there to welcome her with open arms, as she did cross the rainbow bridge.

Would I adopt another senior dog? Absolutely! I did one year later.

In memory of Candace

Adopting an Old Friend with a Gray Muzzle
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